Customer Service - in Pursuit of Excellence – Essay Example

The paper "Customer Service - in Pursuit of Excellence" is a brilliant example of a marketing essay. Based on the post, I agree with that service is enhanced by having people with various personal attributes and varying levels of knowledge. It is true that the different personalities can be a hindrance to the achievement of desirable levels of customer services. The hierarchy in the organization may not be properly followed, and this may result in conflicts among the teams mandated to ensure the achievement of good customer service. I support the argument that high rates of staff turnover have an impact on the success of the customer service department in any organization. The management experiences challenges in training new staff after a section of employees quit (Martinez and Bob 14). The post has provided a comprehensive description of the best form of communication that customers enjoy. It is with no doubt that face to face communication impresses customers more than any other form of communication with the customer service department. Customers desire to talk directly with the employees of the customer service department rather than make phone calls to make inquiries. I agree that customers feel satisfied when they engage the customer service department through verbal interactions. In my opinion, the post has highlighted the impacts of various methods of customer service. In addition, the post has given a concise description of what it takes to achieve excellence in customer service. From the post, it is evident that customers like to be engaged directly with the management rather than interact with members of staff who are not physically present.