Culture Metaphor – Essay Example

The paper "Culture Metaphor" is a perfect example of an essay on culture.
The things which are included in culture metaphors are society, values, beliefs, lames, ideology, mission, qualities and families. Culture is a critical thing. There are many reasons to study cross-culture disputes. Failure of cross-cultural communication and negotiations leave impacts on our culture. Culture orientation can be describe in term of many dimensions but that other, weaker orientation may also exist at the same time in different geographical region and racist and ethnic groups. Characteristics of metaphor are a base for describing and understanding the essential features of society. Culture metaphor can be used to analyze the ethnic group, nations, clumps of nations and even continents. Another well-known anthropologist, Edward T. Hall, emphasizes four dimensions along which societies can be compared are context, space, time and information flow. Culture is also applicable if colored stereotypes are present but metaphors are not stereotypes. Rather, they swear on the features of one decisive development in a society to describe the entire society. Culture likely counts the most when there are feelings of unfairness or and a scarcity of resources and chances. Cultural differences are especially worsened when accompanied by extreme religious and ideological viewpoints. Many cultural problems are solved in the long run through intermarriages and increased social and business contacts, all of which are hindered by religious and ideological differences.
Now, it depends on us to describe a model of cross-cultural understanding, to demonstrate how cultural metaphors can strengthen understanding and to show how those metaphors are related to the core values, attitudes, and behaviors of various nations (Gannon, 2001).
We have pointed out the cultural metaphors in the cluster of the nation and also discussed ethnic group into national cultures or the base culture.