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The paper "Culture in the UAE" is a worthy example of an essay on culture. The United Arab Emirates is characterized by a diverse culture. This is from the different nationalities of individuals inhabiting the region following its development and growth. Additionally, the natives of the UAE have designed a number of ways for preserving their culture despite the inflow of different ethnic groups settled in the region. Kazmi (2011, par. 1) supports these sentiments and advocates for the involvement of the world in the same; nations should safeguard their cultural heritage as well as traditions and allow them to contribute to the societies’ development.

The architectural works, entertainment, and lifestyle characterize the cultural diversity in the region. However, the majority of this is from the Arab and Islamic cultures, which are regarded as the prime inhabitants of the UAE. Concerning cultural heritage in the UAE, one cannot avoid but concentrate on the people’ s way of life. This incorporates a number of aspects, such as sports, which is a major activity in the region. According to Hurreiz (2002, p. 167), literature tends to sum up a people’ s culture in stories and poems, which enable individuals to understand a region better.

This paper will focus on three aspects that define the cultural composition of the UAE; ethnic composition, sports, and literal works. Ethnic Diversity The populace of the UAE constitutes different ethnic groups evidenced by the varied worship houses; churches, and Hindu temples aside from the Muslim mosques, which define the cultures in the UAE. However, the majority are of Islamic descent. The mode of dressing is not a major issue; the citizens have seemingly adopted the western dress code.

On the other hand, women are expected to cover most parts of their bodies. However, the Arab and Muslim descents observe their cultural mode of dressing. Etiquette is nonetheless a key aspect here (Kazmi, 2011). Sports Sports are a major activity in the UAE. Football is a well-liked sport characterized by varied clubs, such as Al-Shabbab ACD and the Al-Wahda clubs among others. The football fraternity has also seemingly enjoyed a number of victories over the years. The teams can qualify for participation in global competitions and events; this is an essential factor in promoting the cultural heritage of the UAE.

A number of bodies are established to organize and manage sporting activities. For example, the Emirates Heritage Club responsible for a number of races including camel and dhow races designed to encourage and intrigue individuals in the diverse tradition and culture of the UAE. Other popular sporting activities include cricket characteristic of the Indians in the region (Muhammad, 1978, p. 87). Literal Works Literal works play a vital role in defining and describing the culture of a population.

It tends to provide a summary of the occurrences in the cultural practices of a people. In the United Arab Emirates, poetry plays a major importance in culture. The wide range in themes, for instance, satire, belief, and love among others evidence this. Popular posts like Al Khalil bin Ahmed resolutely influenced the nature of poetry writing in the UAE by deriving their style from the Persian Gulf Arab. However, the native nature of poetry in the UAE has been influenced by other cultures. Instead of a rhythmical ending in the poems, the prose form has taken root over the years.

  Conclusion In summary, the United Arab Emirates appears to be characterized by a diverse cosmopolitan cultural background. The government together with the people has joined hands to preserve their heritage in a variety of ways accomplished through lifestyle, sporting activities, and literal works. This has helped their culture gain respect worldwide. H.H SheikhZayed bin Sultan al Nahyan proclaimed, “ a people that knows not its past can have neither a present nor future’ (Mansoori, 2004, p. 19).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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