Factors that May Lead to Kidnapping – Essay Example

The paper "Factors that May Lead to Kidnapping" is an outstanding example of a law essay.
Focus on future studies in relation to this research should be on other factors that may lead to kidnapping. This will be crucial since there are other theories, which need to be either proved or disapproved as factors that lead to kidnapping. Future studies should also focus on the rate at which victims of kidnappings are being released after payment of ransom. Additionally, it will be crucial for future studies to research whether the police on their part are doing their best in order to protect victims and bring to justice the perpetrators.
The experiment could be expanded to include other theories that are causes of kidnapping. A hypothesis will be developed with the objective of either proving or disapproving a particular theory in relation with kidnapping. The experiment will provide broad results after analyzing and establishing any correlation between theory and kidnapping.
I experienced a number of shortcomings during this whole research process. The first shortcoming was a lack of cooperation on the side of some victims because of fear and stigma. The second shortcoming was a lack of cooperation from some perpetrator’s side because of embarrassment. The third shortcoming was a lack of parameters, which aid in establishing; if a victim was from a wealthy family or if a perpetrator was from a less privileged background.
My research would have benefitted more if it had had more time, funding and willing participants. This is so since the above factors would have allowed the development of credible, independent and dependent variables. A good starting point for a new research will be to establish the rate at which victims are being resealed after payment of ransom.