Legal Restraints and Types of Police Abuse – Essay Example

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The paper "Legal Restraints and Types of Police Abuse" is an outstanding example of a law essay.
Every job, every occupation has its benefits but at the same time its disadvantages, boundaries, and limitations cannot be overlooked. These are the limitations within which you’re bound to work and cannot step out of boundary and so does the policemen. They’ve to perform their duties within the given limits while keeping the legal restraints in mind that they have upon themselves.
The Legal Restraints that the police have to face are many, such as they have to provide proper and detailed information to the person who's being arrested, the responsibility of taking the arrested person to the police station as soon as they possibly can, to provide an arrest warrant when arresting the person who has committed a crime which is punishable by the law, though that rarely happens.
Many policemen tend to misuse or abuse the authorities that they’re given, for instance, a police officer shot down two delivery guys, who had gone down to his place to drop something, but when one of them inquired about something, he shot him down at first, and the other guy after a few minutes when he tried to save the first guy. The policemen are also very strict about making the people follow rules, but when it comes to them it seems as if the rules don’t exist anymore.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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