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The paper "Crime Victim Services Program Bullhead City" is a good example of an essay on law. Statistics show that Bullhead AZ population of 40,747 is located in the county of Mohave in Arizona. The same data shows that Bullhead City is experiencing the about the same level of violent crimes as Arizona. It is estimated that 1 out of 10 people living in Bullhead City was a victim of the violence. 70% of crime constituted theft and 19% of burglaries left victims suffering from financial constraints. 3% of the affected population suffered from depression, Borderline Personality Disorder and depression from rape and sexual assault.

A report from the Bullhead City Prosecutor’ s Office shows an average of 84 confessed that they dint know how to seek justice from the justice. This resulted in a problem of secondary victimization. According to research in Arizona and other states, Bullhead City is more dangerous compared to its nearest cities. This has posed a problem of insecurity in the city. Many people now live in fear of their safety plus they also live in poverty due to the recurrent violence.

Majority of the population living in Mohave County have access to good housing but the geographic coverage of the rural area is vast. Victims are more vulnerable to living in insecure neighborhoods. This makes it difficult for them to access victim support programs. Murder has not only caused loss of lives but also trauma to witnesses of murder. Identify SolutionCommunity Oriented Policing and Problem Solving Unit (COPPS) is a policing unit formed to reduce crime rates and fear while at the same time restoring order (Walp, 58).

Citizens are encouraged to work with the officers to help identify and understand community problems. This will in turn help in finding solutions to these problems. Using Surveillance Systems ensures voluntary creation of complete knowledge around an individual’ s social activities to cub insecurity. One’ s activities can be constantly watched by the state from a single chip. Background education can also be offered to inform citizens about the process to follow and understand legal matters when it comes to the pursuit of justice (Katz, and Vincent 120). Where victims have lost property and finances, and even loss of lives, policies should be implemented for compensation.

Victims of rape and sexual assault should be taken through counseling programs to deal with their traumas and disorders. The vision of Problem StatementVictim support programs, community policing unit and counseling programs are there to help crime victims go through a speedy healing process; enable them to pursue justice successfully through the rather complex judicial process. This will, in turn, reduce violence and crime rate and ensure security in the whole city (Walp, 96). Consequently, reduction in crime rates translates to a more productive population.

Rate of employment will increase and the economy will improve. Citizens will be more assured of safety hence they will live in harmony. ConclusionCitizens of Bullhead City must take upon themselves to champion for their own security and safety through community policing and working with the set policing units such as COPPS. The state government should also commission more victim service units that can work hand in hand with Bullhead City Crime Victims Service Unit (BHCCVSU) to provide assistance to crime victims (Katz, and Vincent 85). Summary of the ProgramThe mission of Bullhead City Crime Victim Service Unit (BHCCVSU) is to meet the needs of crime victims in the community by providing them with unhurried and empathetic ways to safety, participation in the criminal justice system, restitution and healing.

Safety is provided by ensuring security is top-notch through the use of surveillance Systems and community policing by both citizens and government officials. Educating the victims on what they are supposed to know about the judicial system and legal matters will encourage participation in the criminal justice system.

Initiation of counseling programs is meant to help victims of sexual assault and rape recovery from psychological trauma and disorders(Katz, and Vincent 120). This program serves a larger population who are victims of crime in Bullhead town. Victims of domestic violence, assault, elder abuse, court order violation, harassment, intimidation, and criminal damage. BHCCVSU provides a comprehensive, supportive legal and safety planning services to all victims of crime (United States 42). This program is important because focuses on eliminating violence and crime hence ensuring the security and safety of citizens.

It also focuses on ensuring that all the victims of crime are supported emotionally to recover from effects of crime, get compensation on loss of property, and receive justice on criminal injustices. The services offered by BHCCVSU are court advocacy where it represents clients towards receiving court justice. Personal advocacy involves helping victims deal with crimes such as assault, rape, murder, and theft. Also offered are assistance with filling out case-specific documents and applying for victim compensation. Seeking restitution on the lost property and offering emergency financial assistance to theft and burglary victims.

Those victims who require special support can be referred to other agencies like special medical experts to treat severe psychological disorders. Those seeking justice can be referred to appropriate judicial arms like the court of appeal (United States 234).

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