Creating Community Responsibility For Child Protection - Possibilities and Challenges – Essay Example

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This paper "Creating Community Responsibility For Child Protection - Possibilities and Challenges" is a good example of an essay on law. The main goal of developing this logic model is to help in the planning and evaluation of children protection program. Children protection is one of the rights that every child is supposed to enjoy at every place be it school, home, church or elsewhere and at all times. The logic model will include inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes. One of the main inputs in the logic model is the trained staff who will investigate cases of child abuse.

The families which will adopt the homeless children and provide foster care will be required. Funds will be needed to acquire permanent housing for homeless children who will not be lucky to be adopted into other families (Deborah & Dodge, 2009). Human service providers who will educate the parents on different important subjects like hygiene and financial management because when parents know how to live appropriately, then their children will benefit. The activities which be done during the implementation of the program will include: investigating reports of child abuse, the trained staff in field of childcare will have to find the families which are willing to adopt children and provide them with foster care, buy or build housing for homeless children, educate parents on how to take care of their children and help them achieve their dreams, trained staff to encourage and monitor after-school activities which will keep children occupied and provide employment to the youth between 16 and 21 (Domitrovich et al. , 2010). The outputs of the activities undertaken using the stated inputs will result in: reduction in the number of reported child abuse cases, risk of children being harm will be managed, the quality of life in families will improve, timely adoption will be achieved, the permanent housing of homeless achieved in required time (Funnell and Patricia, 2011).

Also, the number of street children will reduce and improve the health status of children. The outcome of the programs will be desirables will result since children will have a permanent home and gain stability in life which will be assessed by field survey (Pecora et al. , 2017).

The child care by the families will improve and it will be consistent. The assessment of this consistency can be done by frequent interview to parent and children. The families will be more capable to provide for their children and children attain the appropriate services which will make them more readily in meeting they're, physical and mental needs as well as educational (Wulczyn et al. , 2010).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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