Staring at Strangers – Essay Example

The paper "Staring at Strangers" is a great example of an English essay. I sat on the Greyhound Bus going from Desperate to Desperation. The trip took five hours by car, but by bus it was over twelve. I try to alleviate my boredom by people watching. After a few futile looks, I could tell this bus had only two people riding on this stormy night. Both looked liked death warmed over. I should have expected it on a bus going from Desperate to Desperation. As the lightning illuminated these two faces sporadically, I looked harder at them in my boredom. The lady across from me was clutching a bowl of fruit. Her hair was white and wispy. She was dressed in a long grey dress with boots that matched. When I looked over at her, she tightened her grip on the fruit. I silently chuckled to myself. If I was going to steal something it would be more than fruit. I didn’t need this old lady’s bowl of fruit. “It’s not polite to stare,” she snarled. I quickly turned away to the other passenger. This man looked shifty and a bit dirty. His army jacket was tucked around an object that was shaped like a fishbowl. His greasy dark hair fell into his face as he whispered to the object in the coat. Probably a crystal ball, I thought humorously to myself. As he noticed my look, he asked, “Do you want to pet him?” “Him?” I questioned. “My fish named Wilbur. He is quite friendly,” he smiled. Then remembering where he was fervently commanded, “don’t tell the bus driver! He will make me leave him behind.” “I won’t,” I promised. I decided not to people watch anymore, reading the paper is safer.