Connection Between Jack Kerouac And Bob Dylan – Essay Example

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Connection between Jack Kerouac 50’s and Bob Dylan 60’s Connection between Jack Kerouac 50’s and Bob Dylan 60’sBeat GenerationJack Kerouac and Bob Dylan were artists in the American entertainment industry (New Yorker, 2010). Bob Dylan alluded to the work of Jack Kerouac when writing his song lyrics. Kerouac was the pioneer member of the Beat Generation that covered topics of spirituality, promiscuity, poverty and travelling. The books that Kerouac wrote had been used in building his legacy and prestige. Literary gurus also estimate that there are works that Kerouac published that had not been seen to date.

Bob Dylan came in the 60’s to make headlines in the music and culture in America. While the publications of Kerouac entail spirituality and travel, Dylan’s songs covered social unrest topics. America was struggling with civil rights movements, and the songs of Dylan were used as anthems. Dylan and Kerouac shared a mutual friend, Allen Ginsberg (New Yorker, 2010). Allen Ginsberg was responsible for the transformation that Kerouac and Dylan went through in their entertainment careers. Dylan identified with Kerouac because he was had adopted an outside culture.

The connection between Dylan and Allen began when they met at a party. Kerouac became Dylan’s idol when writing bop phrases. Dylan could identify with the literary work that Kerouac had developed before he died. The decision to film an event in the commemoration of Kerouac proved that Dylan saw Kerouac as a source of inspiration. Dylan used the legacy of Kerouac to build a name for himself in New York and America at large. The ideas of Kerouac and Dylan changed the American world for generations. ReferencesNew Yorker, T.

(2010). Bob Dylan, the Beat Generation, and Allen Ginsberg’s America - The New Yorker. The New Yorker. Retrieved from http: //www. newyorker. com/news/news-desk/bob-dylan-the-beat-generation-and-allen-ginsbergs-america

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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