Assessing Forensics Tools – Essay Example

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The paper “ Assessing Forensics Tools” is an excellent example of an essay on information technologyComputer forensics is a very particular field of computing dealing with acquiring information that will be as evidence on handling cases related to administrative issues, criminal and civil. The information obtained is then analyzed using technologically enabling means. What brought about this are the increased cases of theft and intrusion majorly relating to computing. To ensure that the results of a forensic examination are authentic, proper testing, analysis, and validation of the technology used in building the systems are very crucial (Hunt & Zeadally, 2012).

The baseline for establishing forensic examination digitally relies on evidence that is quality and repetitive tests. It is key for any player in forensics to comprehend how to achieve excellent validation and the entire process involved in its designing. The first and most important is being able to repeat and produce the same results as evidence of a valid check. The procedure and the environment are constant for the results to be termed as ok. In a similar manner, when the same results are achieved by doing the tests in a varied environment than the initial, then the forensic is said to be reproducible. Another important way to evaluate the tools is to ensure that it meets the Daubert Standard, especially when handling validations (Clarke, 2010).

Further it also applicable in the drafting stage of the software. Consequently, it should have undergone empirical testing, have been reviewed by peers. It should relate to a pre-known error rate for benchmarking and levels for that control considered during the process. The methodology should have been embraced by the community of elites in the field.

Even as the field of computer forensics continues to evolve, means of evaluating the tools also used change as well. In regard to that, in a way of ensuring that we adhere to the accepted practices, review by scientists in the field should be incorporated. Further reproduction and repetition should be held dear to the process.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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