Interview and Interrogation in the Investigation of Crime – Essay Example

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The paper "Interview and Interrogation in the Investigation of Crime" is an outstanding example of a law essay. Interview and interrogation are two different strategies mostly adopted by crime investigating officers to arrive at conclusions or finding out the truth. The interview is the process of meeting the culprit, witness or the victim by the investigating officer in an environment where the interviewee is more comfortable physically and mentally. Most of the questions of the interview will be comfortable to the interviewee and also no external forces will be applied either physically or mentally.

The interview is normally performed at the preliminary stages of the investigation to arrive at various hypothesizes about the crime. Interrogation, on the other hand, is the questioning employed by the police or military personnel in order to find out the truth of a crime. It is a questioning process used for getting information from a suspect, witness or victim after a crime has been committed. It can be conducted in a forceful manner and also in a friendly manner depends on the circumstances. Interrogation most probably occurred in a non-friendly environment.

Most of the questions will be of irritating types. The interrogator may adopt different unexpected strategies to find out the truth. Before conducting interrogation an interrogator should have the information about the suspect, victim and the scene of the crime. ‘ This will include (i) Name, age, profession, occupation, (ii) Social and financial situation, (iii) Criminal history, (iv) Relation with the victim if any of the suspect. Moreover, the information about the Scene of the crime: (i) Time and place of occurrence (ii) Modus operandi (iii) Physical evidence collected (iv) Information collected will also be analyzed. ’ In short, the interview is a process which helps the investigator to arrive at conclusions while interrogation is a process of forcing the person to reveal the truth about a crime.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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