Compare And Contrast On Single Vs Married – Essay Example

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SINGLE VS MARRIED SINGLE VS MARRIED Introduction Marriage refers to the lawfully recognized union of two adults in a holy matrimony or civil tenets with witnesses who attest to the validity of the same. Thus, the moment a person signs the marriage certificate, it is taken and perceived that the person has thus become married to the other partner to whom such a person swore allegiance. Single life on the other hand refers to situation of not being committed to another person. This paper will discuss the differences between single and married instances. Body There exists a thin difference between single life and marriage life of human being because each side of the divide has its commitments and engagements.

There are fundamental differences in the lifestyles and living patterns or standards of people in the society. To begin with, single people have more privacy and comfort in their lives because they are not committed to other people. This happens because they live alone and enjoy most of their time and moments alone or in solitude. Married people on the other hand are used and exposed to reduced privacy such as sharing their lives, bedroom, personal spaces and other personal comforts with their partners or spouses (Bloom, 2001).

For instance, if a married person wishes to start a business, then he or she must share that idea, profits, losses and the progress of the business with the partner. Secondly, the married people show stint of support towards one another during times of difficulty or stress. This is to mention and say that the husband shows support and care towards the wife and the wife also shows care and support towards the husband.

In principle, there is a spirit of support and care for one another (Sweden, 2014). The singles on the hand do not have a system of care and support and instead the single person is on his or her own. In this instance, the single person can only get support and care from the friends and family, while the married people have the benefit of additional support of their spouse. ConclusionThe above paper has articulated the fundamental distinction that exists between life of married people and singles.

It has mentioned that single people have more privacy and little support systems in their lives. Married people on their part have reduced privacy but increased support system in their spouses. ReferencesBloom, L. R. (2001). Im poor. Im single. Im a mom, and I deserve respect": Advocating in schools as and with mothers in poverty. Sweden, S. (2014). Women and men in Sweden: facts and figures 2014.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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