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Community HealthRole of Nurse: Case StudyCommunity health nursing essayHealth promotion is aimed at assisting the patient and family to change behavior in order to produce better physical and emotional health for the patient in the future. According to Chitty (2004), in order to reach this goal, the nurse encourages better health maintenance practices that would promote normal growth and development, help foster attitudes and values that are compatible with health and teaches appropriate use of health services. Health is largely subjective; and according to Pryor and Smith (2002) each person’s judgment of health is related to physical and mental capacities, self-concepts, relationships with others and fulfillment of personal goals and values according to Berkman LF, Glass T, Brissette I, Seeman TE ( 2000). Health cannot just be understood in terms of physical wellbeing of the person but in terms of the social and cultural heath of the individual (Umberson D.

1987). This would mean that in order for a person to be correctly treated the medical practitioner would need to be aware of, and sensitive toward the cultural views of the person, especially in the context of the healthcare professional. Health has been defined by WHO as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing is recognised as both a fundamental human right and an important worldwide social goal (James S.

Larson, 1996). This would come as a result of the patients’ treatment and would manifest in the nurses’ respect for him as a health consumer-which is based on the innate requirement of the nurse to recognize her capability for active and informed participation in their own health care (H. M. Chochinov, 2002). One would need to therefore work hard at ensuring that the dignity of the patient is preserved (M.

Calnan, G. Woolhead, P. Dieppe, and W. Tadd. , 2005). This can be best achieved through practiced kindness and by recognizing the vulnerability and powerlessness that the patient would invariably face. In the specific case of the patient in the given context, the duty of the nurse therefore is to recognise the shortcomings of the man in their care and despite the restrictions that caring for a man with language barrier problems would mean, there would need to be a certain respect for his thought and decision making abilities.

The duty of the RN would therefore be ensure that the ward nurses understand and comply with this basic principle (The Essence of Care, 2001). According to recent research by Johnson (2007) one in every six adult Australian males suffers from clinical depression and teenagers and elderly men have higher rates. DePaulo and Horvitz (2002) state that depression in men is associated with destructive behavior, alcohol and drug abuse, and numerous medical disorders such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. According to Yates (2009), statistics have proven over time that with the increasing complexities of daily life increase the levels of stress and hence the numbers of disorders that are related to the psychology of the human mind.

It has in fact been stated by Horgan (2008) that an need for an improvement in the process governing the treatment of depression is a critical factor in the current low levels of appropriate care. Horgan (2008) further states that a health plan in this context is useful for the measurement of the dosage of medicines that the patient requires and the other factors that need to be kept in mind in the administration of treatment- the absence of which has meant that progress in terms of levels and quality of care have been stagnating at relatively low levels.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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