Social Capital in the Community – Essay Example

The paper "Social Capital in the Community" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. Social capital brings people together as a community, giving them a sense of belonging to a particular group of people or society. Social capital means showing concern and caring for other people and believing g that other people too care about us. Thus, people within a society live in harmony, peace, and love. We give our services and offer our assistance to the need without expecting anything in return. This is the essence of being a good neighbor, and the reason for social cohesion. This definition fits perfectly in a situation that occurred in my neighborhood this summer. My home is in a neighborhood that is densely populated. Although some of the families live in townhouses, most of us live in condominiums. We have little space in the neighborhood due to the heavy construction work that took place. The planners did not or deliberately, failed to consider the space factor while planning for the estate. Despite the little space though, we live in peace as good neighbors. The less space unites us as a community, and we thus take part in most of the activities that occur in the neighborhood. In addition, it is a manageable place, with little or no misunderstanding amongst us. During this summer, a family in the neighborhood sold their house and left. The new owner of the house was arrogant and unruly. He did not adhere to the rules or the codes of conduct set by the estates’ management committee. On Saturday, he threw a party and hired loud music systems that disturbed people overnight. This had never happened in the neighborhood before. The immediate neighbor, angry at this man’s behavior sued him, and the judge gave the man an eviction notice. However, as good neighbors and hoping that he had reformed, other people intervened. After lengthy deliberations, it was agreed that the man stays but with the promise to respect other people.