Communication Class. (public Speech) The Topic Is How To Stop Smoking. It Is A Persuasive Speech – Essay Example

ID Lecturer Persuasive Speech on How to Stop Smoking Ladies and Gentlemen, Today the topic of my speech is how to bring about an end to smoking. This, I say because smoking is a menace all over the world. It has been taken on by young and old, men and women alike. There has to be a ceasefire between human beings and the smoking domains and this has to start from somewhere.
I believe there is a solution for everything. In order to bring down smoking or to completely quit it, the solutions can always be brought up. The first and foremost solution in order to stop smoking is to cut down on the number of cigarettes per day (Grossman 2005). What this shall do is to essentially abandon smoking sooner than expected. One fine day a smoker would realize that he had been smoking much lesser cigarettes, so would not it be better that he quit it altogether? The answer is in the affirmative (Meit 1998).
Another solution is to involve the company of those people who are near and dear ones to a person because s/he would tend to keep away from smoking realms since s/he would not want their loved ones to inhale smoke (Sowerby 1993). This would mean that whenever there is an urge to inhale nicotine, one should tag along with family members and more importantly with kids to keep away from this nuisance.
The last solution that I can present here ladies and gentlemen is to put some chewing gums handy so whenever there is an urge to smoke, a chewing gum may be used rather than a cigarette (Batten 1986). This will work to good effect in the long run. With this, I shall end up my speech.
Thank you everyone.
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