The importance of media in the evolving process – Essay Example

The article on globalization by Catarina Nilsson is hugely informative and discusses the origin of globalization and shows the importance of media inthe evolving process. According to it globalization refers to social changes brought about by cultural linkages through mobilization of people and trade across national borders. Though the term was coined in 1992, but its evidences can be found in the annals of history. The three phases: pre-modern until 1500; modern from1500 to 1945; and postmodern from 1945 have shown how various factors influenced the phenomenon of globalization through history. The migration and trade have been important factors for cultural exchange for development in pre-modern and modern era. In the post-modern times, technology greatly facilitated cultural communication and inter-dependency of resources emerged as powerful factor for developing trade and commerce across geographical boundaries. Article succinctly emphasizes the role of media as facilitator of social change which often comes across as major threat for those in power.
The semantics of globalization involve myriad aspects of human relationship and interdependency of resources that facilitate developmental processes across the globe. Indeed, migration and trade influence globalization processes which are hastened when it also results in cultural exchanges and expansion of their influence over wider geographical area (Pieterse, 2009). The article cites various literatures that emphasize communication across culture and how it has influenced social development to promote evolving dynamics of new societal equations. The technology, in its different format has aided the process of globalization. In the early 1940s, Bolivian miners had used radio as cultural hub for community development and sharing views and information with the local people. In the current times, technology has influenced all aspect of human life and has given unprecedented boost to communication. Internet and social media are excellent examples of emerging new format of social hubs which transcend geographical space and time and accelerated globalization process.
I believe that globalization has emerged as key issue across the globe that necessitates innovative measures and new value system which are universally accepted. The critical issues like climate change, environment and sustainable development etc. are global concerns that are equally shared by the nations irrespective of their socio-economic and politically dominant status. This is an interesting aspect that gives new perspective to globalization phenomenon. It ensures that countries and people become common denominators for working collectively towards common cause that affects everyone. Thus, it is important that new social order be created which would not only embrace multi-cultural values but help forge a universal bond that would transcend national and religious boundaries.
Media has been an integral part of social changes that has been exploited by people through the ages. In the contemporary times, social media platform on the cyberspace has developed into the most powerful tool that wields significant influence on ideas and ideologies of people across the globe. It has brought together people from different cultures, religion, nation and races. The platform encourages constructive discussions on global issues and tends to impact people’s thinking. The best thing about social media is that it serves as common platform for fragmented views where people have the opportunities to share their opinions and values and develop new communities with common goals and collective vision for a better world. Hence globalization and media are intrinsically woven within the social fabric that facilitate and accelerate the process of collective actions and shared goals.
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