Syrian Conflagration: The Syrian Civil War – Essay Example

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The paper "Syrian Conflagration: The Syrian Civil War" is an outstanding example of an essay on history. Syrian Civil War began in the early spring of year The purpose of it was aggressive and violent suppression of protest movements and national demonstrations against the ruling regime of Bashar al-Assad's government. Protests began as a part of the Arab Spring which was happening during the previous year all across the Middle East. Arab Spring led to a lot of massive and incredible demonstrations and led to three most significant consequences.

First of them is a crackdown and the end of a long-time ruling of Muammar Gaddafi during the events of the Libyan Civil War. Second is the most non-violent conclusion of almost the same in duration regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. The third and most violent and disastrous eventual consequence of Arab Spring is full-sized and massive still continuing Civil War in Syria.   The number of dead by official sources is 220,000 as of January 2015. But of course it is a very optimistic count and everybody should know that it is very difficult to count the casualties in the middle of the war especially in such chaotic place as the center of Middle East.

A good suggestion will be least doubling this number. Syrian Civil War is the most aggressive and biggest military conflict in today’ s world. All the world’ s attempts to somehow stop or regulate the way it goes failed. The condition of the country is catastrophic. Refugees escape to all neighbor countries of the Middle East, entire cities are without electricity and clean drinking water, most necessary products and eating supplies are either unavailable or sold for an enormous price.

A lot of civil buildings and villages being bombed with civilians constitute at least 1/3 of all casualties. Tortures and killings of anybody who is considered to be on the opposite side of the front became a daily reality. Very usual for the Middle East massive massacres have been detected. To be the exact massacre of civilians and armed attack towards them during their demonstration is what started it all. Countries and terroristic movements of all Arab World chose different sides in this conflict and by their direct or indirect sponsorship and export of military supplies complicated its nature even more.

The most interesting position in all this is if course position of the USA. President Barack Obama mentioned “ red line” which must not be crossed. This “ red line” meant usage of chemical weapon. And it was used without any reaction from the government of the United States. That proves helplessness and inability of the west to somehow influence the situation. The reason for this is the religious character of the war with mostly Alawite forces of the government and mostly Shia groups which confront the ruling regime.

Of course, not so ruling anymore because the victory is slowly moving towards the opposition. The opposition consists mainly of Free Syrian Army. They are being helped by Hezbollah and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). So we can see aggressive tyranny on one side and terrorists on the other one (Cooper 2015). Both of them can’ t be controlled and the country is doomed for the decades of instability in any case.

The prestige and authority of the USA lowered down because they lost control of the situation, in fact, they didn’ t have any control at all. What we have now is a promised land for the assassins and soldiers of fortune who comes to Syria from all around the Islamic World for the opportunities promised by the sweet victory. Rebels are supported by Lybia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Government forces on the other side receive help from Russia and Iran. The situation is so controversial that the cases of rebels fighting between themselves are not rare.

Everybody fights everyone is the best description of what is happening in Syria and this description is being used more and more often. Alawites realize that if they lose this war their existence is doomed to be annihilated so they have no other choice than to fight until the end. Rebels and terrorists realize that in case of their victory they have a choice to build their own country and it will be Syria which has a great influence on all the countries in the Arab World.

Damascus is one of the hearts of the Middle East not to mention Syria’ s gas deposits and the ability to export chaos in other countries like Lebanon and Iraq. It is obvious that such a situation will lead to a total instability with a danger towards the interests of Israel and the USA in this region. The bombings like in the situation with Libya is not an answer for a long time now because the target is not clear. All that is left is observe and make conclusions according to facts and facts become bitter each day more and more because almost half of the million dead in the year 2015 is a serious disaster instead of a desirable progressive evolution in the region which was always famous for its violence and aggressiveness.

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