Unethical Business Behavior – Essay Example

The paper "Unethical Business Behavior" is an excellent example of a business essay. One of the moral issues in the co-operate scene today is the act of bribing company officials in order to get tenders and other orders in the business world.  This is a situation where the company officials are given bribes in order to hand over a certain order to a particular supplier. Bribing other officials to hand over information regarding a competing company falls in the same category as unethical business behavior. These offenses are legally punishable by the law in the United States of America.
A recent example is a publication in a global corruption report made by transparency international. This report showed that companies are still in the habit of offering bribes to officials of other states in order to get their products into those states faster. Also, bribes offered to political heavyweights for smoother navigation of the product within the political climate of the state. It is documented that most of these companies are oblivious of this as an offense that is punishable by international law. However, officials should not accept bribes under any circumstances. This makes the competition in the market to be unfair.
The market share then is more likely to shift from a competitive market to a monopoly. Monopolization of the market makes it worlds harder to ensure the rights of the consumer are well adhered to. This kind of moral situation should not exist in an ideal society let alone a business situation. Eradicating such vices hides a bigger picture of ensuring that each of the people’s interests is better protected. This can only be done by the effective education of people both of their rights and of the wrongs they may commit if they stay ignorant.