Politicians Role Models – Essay Example

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The paper "Politicians’ Role Models" is a perfect example of a sociology essay. When people claim that something is impossible, this claim helps to influence an individual to work even harder. This, in return, makes the impossible possible. With that being said, everyone has something they dream would happen or that they would like to make happen. In a world so corrupt in regards to politicians and the actions they make, it is important that these politicians are held responsible for their actions. This is important since the actions and decisions made by politicians have a large effect on the general public.

Politicians are individuals that have the ability to influence others, motivate decisions that affect the public and allow events to have specific outcomes. Politicians are supposed to be individuals that children can look up to as leaders. This, however, is rarely the life led by a politician. There has been a growing problem and concern with politicians that are involved in scandals and in no way are these politicians’ role models. What needs to happen is the politicians need to begin to be held accountable when they are in the wrong.

Harsher punishment is necessary in order to raise a scare tactic against these wrongdoing politicians. If the politicians are in fear of the punishment, it is likely they will begin to make better decisions. Harsher punishment, termination of employment and public notification of the politician’ s wrongdoings can help aid in the effort to achieve better ethics and morals within the political community. If a change can be made, the public who was once harmed by the wrongdoings can move forward and prosper.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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