Client Empowerment and Strengths Perspective – Essay Example

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The paper "Client Empowerment and Strengths Perspective" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. The client empowerment and a strength perspective both offer support to the creation of innate abilities and also recognize disparities positively. In both cases, the client gets endowed with the capacity to prosper. Moreover, both theory models assist social workers to increase the individual client’ s ability to learn how to utilize their system constructively. In this case, society is conceived to be full of resources worth exploiting. In strength perspective, people are recognized to be in possession of enough strength and ability to take on day-to-day activities (Pattoni, 2012) On the other hand; client empowerment touches on assisting the clients in discovering their abilities firsthand so that they can take control of their lives.

Even if it assumes everyone has the ability, he or she must be assisted to discover it. In client empowerment, one can be taught new skills to make them change their way of life while the strengths perspective insists on readily available client’ s capacity. The understanding of both sides of the theory helps one understand the client entirely.

It provides a benchmark for looking at the client as well as their circumstances in a more refreshing way as both are characterized by positive and optimistic assessment of clients and their challenges (Hepworth et al. , 2016). The central role of social workers is to help others in their relationships with institutions and one another. I this viewpoint, the social worker is in a position to understand each client correctly and assess the underlying issues so that promising transactions can be adduced.

As a result, the social worker-client association is enhanced as the latter has a more appreciating view of the former. In particular, the theories help a social worker with new viewpoints to rediscover new ways to solve problems that are positive and optimistic. Specifically, when treating a client, it is easier to give a positive approach in such a way that can foster a faster response to the healing process. All in all, both theories offer a background for increasing the outcome of the patient’ s capacity.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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