Abraham Lincoln and Civil War – Essay Example

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The paper "Abraham Lincoln and Civil War" is an outstanding example of an essay on history. It is a very appropriate time to read about Abraham Lincoln. Not only was he one of America’ s greatest presidents, but the 200th anniversary of his birth happened earlier this year. Perhaps even more importantly Barack Obama, the first black President was elected a few years ago. This would have been impossible without the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Lincoln that freed the slaves. In this essay, Stephen Oates makes many important points about Lincoln. He shows that Lincoln was a very principled and serious lawyer who cared a lot about his country.

He fought against politicians who were pro-slavery, but he was conflicted about what the solution to this terrible problem. When he became president at first he didn’ t believe the solution was to free all the slaves, nor did he think this was the most important issue in the Civil War between North and South. He saw too many shades of grey. But as the war progressed, he began to see that slavery was the main issue and he would have to do something about it.

I enjoyed the issue because it provided a lot of nuances to the character of Lincoln that I didn’ t know about before. I thought Lincoln was just a painting in a museum; it was hard to get in his head and see how his thinking progressed and changed. The essay portrays Lincoln as a complex human being rather than a straightforward hero— and I think it is important for history to teach us that about our leaders.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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