Choose Any Topic (Common Logical Fallacies ) – Essay Example

Common logical fallacies I. But in stopping the transit of petroleum from the forests of Alberta to the Gulf Coast, Mr. Obama will be opening the veto era of his presidency (Shear, 2015 – slippery slope
The author reaches a conclusion that President Obama is likely to begin an ear of using veto power to legitimize his authority. Such is a risky trend especially when writing such political pieces since it sensationalizes the story. In claiming so, the author is influencing public opinion about the president and his use of veto power.
In countering this, the author should tackle the particular issue without speculating about a series of actions that are likely to follow since they may not.
II. Health Care Opens Stable Career Path, Taken Mainly by Women (Searcey, Porter & Gebeloff, 2015 ( – False alternative
The author of this article is speculative by claiming that the number of women working in cancer facilities is higher than that of their male counterparts. While such may be true, the author lacks the authority to make such a claim. She does so with the view to appealing to the emotions of the audience.
Such claims eliminate objectivity in journalism especially given the fact that she lacks substantial statistics to prove the claims. In countering such, a student can easily ask for statistical proof for the fallacious claims.
III. Men, by contrast, have been less successful at keeping up (Searcey, Porter & Gebeloff, 2015 – hasty generalization
The authors of the article use hasty generalization in concluding that men have been unsuccessful in obtaining jobs in the modern society. They include this fallacy tactfully hoping to prove their claim in the headline. However, this enhances his fallacious claims since they lack statistical evidence to prove their claims.
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