Child Abuse: How To Report It And Professional Ethics (See Details In Criteria) – Essay Example

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IntroductionChild abuse is the maltreatment of a child physically or emotionally. Most abuse is found at child’s home. In this case, the physical abuse refers to a violent behavior by an adult towards a child. The behavior may involve striking, punching, bruising, slapping just to name a few. Many people tend to have a problem in differentiating between child abuse and child discipline. Child abuse results to lies, lack of trust by the affected child, fear and the child trying to get revenge. To help a child, professionals have to know the source of the abuse which is an important tool used to find a solution.

There are different effects accompanied with physical child abuse like bruises, broken bones or sometimes it might be fatal. Long term exposure to child abuse may lead to improper brain development. Most of this child abuse is related to parental rights which are as a result of an abusive parent. This has been one of the challenging dilemmas faced by ethics. A child involved in an abuse poses ethical concerns of lack of confidence.

Usually the victims are unable to report the matter to the authorities. This is out of fear and being naive. However professional bodies and provincial jurisdictions made exclusion to fulfill the requirement of confidentiality in assistance of a child abuse as per the law in Canada. Medical professions like doctors, mental health workers and therapists have to encourage confidentiality of their patients they attend to. On the other hand, medical professionals either by law or by the standards of professional ethics, must involve the individual concern to disclose there personal information. Confidentially of professionals, who suspect that the abuse is likely to occur again and again, tend to report to the local authorities that deal with children protection.

When the report is made to the authorities, it gives the professions confidence to make a report even when the parent or the child are against it. In case of suspected abuse, a medical profession is required to testify in courts even if the family and the child instruct contrary. ( Derek, 355.) In Canada, laws of child welfare calls that all the suspected cases of child abuse must be properly investigated and if there is a need for child’s protection.

If found that the child needs help, the welfare may respond by either counseling the child, removing him (permanently or temporarily) from his/her home or the abuser be taken a way. Criminal endorsement of physical abuse may be applied. In the early 1960, various steps have been taken place in addressing child abuse. Some of them are; child abuse registry creation, introducing laws of mandatory reporting and establishing protection agencies for children.

(James, 283) Given coverage for child abuse- with the complexity of child abuse as well as its impact to Canadians, effectiveness of preventing child abuse response and identifying its major cause has been an important task. While addressing this issue, it is important to ensure that there is commitment and cooperation of community members with the with Canadian policy makers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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