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As chemistry emerged as a modern science in the early to mid nineteen century, the teaching methods of traditional lecture and laboratory were established. There are different tools available that can support teaching and learning in chemistry. The tools include smart phones, computer, tablets, mobile phones and others. Smartphones and tablets help in the participation of members in class discussion boards, which enable exchange of ideas in chemistry wikis and journals. Modern technology tools has been used in learning in native mobile apps like Blackboard Mobile Learn, Mobile Moodle and Desire2Learn Mobile apps, while others like blackboard are even available for iPhone/iPod, iPad, Blackberry and Android smart phones and mobile tablets (Brockman, 1996). .

In science learning, students can use different tool applications and also learn what needs are met by these application and when and how to use their different features. For example following tool applications can be used in science learning: word processing, publications and presentation software, spreadsheets, databases, multimedia, web browsers and e-mail. Word processing software can be used, for example, for organizing ideas, writing home works and project works.

Spreadsheet can be used, for example, for analyzing data and modeling (Daniels, 2006). To select the right tool application it is important to understand what types of thinking, learning experiences and experiences of new technology tool supports. A teacher can use tool application is several way. In addition to previously mentioned, he or she can prepare assignments, tests, and other resources for science teaching and learning. Video or LCD projector can be used as a tool in several ways presentations and it can be connected to MBL-tool or a microscope. Chemistry curriculumThese tools are used in many ways in the chemistry curriculum like online learning through mobile devices like iPads and net books makes the learning process in classroom to be flexible.

Online service is now more available that can be used to do homework, do practice questions or even do exam and even submitting homework online (Brockman, 1996). . This saves time and enables learners to do their work in time and effectively. Access to Websites it enables access to different websites that are related to the teaching of chemistry which provide a rich source learning materials and other up to date materials.

Visualization and Modeling Visualization technology enhances learning by bringing out the concept clearly. They are used to visualize and reason on complex issues and concepts in chemistry experiments. This has been realized through simulation and animation like in molecular structures, reaction simulations and simulation for experimental data and chemical compounds. In addition, molecules can be represented in 2d and 3d form by rotating and enlarging to facilitate learning and better visualization of the learner. A teacher can use a Power Point presentation or a whiteboard when he or she explains a science model (Daniels, 2006).

An example of simulation is shown below. Experiments can be done virtually using the computer models. Such experiments are easy to understand because there may not interference from external environment which oven causes errors. The computer is used to analyze the data obtained from the experiment. One of the most significant technical uses of computer is calculation and analysis of the data through generation of graph and other models.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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