The Future Is Bright – Essay Example

The paper "The Future Is Bright" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. It is not easy at 20 to have your priorities right and your future clear in your head. For most of us, just getting through the average day is enough: making sure we are successful in our studies and trying to keep our lives balanced and enjoyable. But for Cheryl Poh, a 20-year-old, completing her second year at PSB Academy, the everyday concerns which keep most students in a constant state of near-panic, seem to be no more than tiny challenges in a life certain to be filled with success and happiness. Having already achieved a Diploma in Biotechnology, Cheryl has now set her sights on completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, from the PSB Academy, with a major in Journalism from the University of Newcastle in Australia. Perhaps growing up in Tampines – once a swamp and now a trendy, vibrant area – gave this young woman a head start? She reveals, though, that it is her balanced and positive view of life that allows her to be the likable, vibrant student she is. Being quite dedicated to achieving her study and career goals, she hasn’t let a fixed relationship distract her – yet! She’s a loyal and good friend not afraid to show her emotions, and allows herself to fail sometimes – she says that a 20% margin for failure means that she won’t be too upset when things don’t go her way. On musicals she says: “Telling the story with music makes it livelier and much more interesting” and she likes her news “fast and quick” so relies on the web instead of newspapers – she is going to be one of those journalists who always gets the scoop! Biographies help her learn about the real nature of public figures. But the most exceptional aspect of this young person is her realization that she will always aim to give back to her community. Already in her part-time work, teaching Chinese to 3-6-year-old students she has started to contribute to her community and society. This is a hint at her future – unlike many young people, her selflessness means that she intends throughout her life to contribute in valuable ways to society and her community. The real Cheryl is summarized by her words when asked to define success: “When I can juggle both families and work with balance while giving back to the community that has helped me to achieve my desires.”