Causality in Human Behavior – Essay Example

The paper "Causality in Human Behavior" is an excellent example of an essay on social science. In much of the literature today we are lead to believe that certain actions create certain behaviors. As an example, if someone is exposed to violent video games as an example, the individual will be more prone to commit a violent act in real life. Although this is an interesting idea it does not account for all the people who are exposed to violent games who do not commit the crime. In this situation I believe that there is no "causality" in human behavior because people always have a choice. Another thought that comes to mind is the person who is on welfare and has seen everyone in the family go through the welfare system. The majority of the family follows this and then there is the one person who decides not to do welfare and they find a good job and never go back. Another example is the difficulties that someone has being in a gang and living in the ghetto. Some continue this pattern of behavior while others quit the gang and move out. What then caused this phenomenon for those who leave? The answer to this question is not simple and it cannot be put under a test tube. There are some people who have a drive that is different than others. These are the ones who strive to do something different than what they have been born into and who stay away from being the statistic. Perhaps the answer lies somewhat in the fact that people have different personalities and attitudes which tend to shape behavior but do not "cause" a certain behavior. According to Margaret Williams, a family therapist, people react in different ways to the same situation because they have different personalities. This is probably the real reason why. Researchers will always stand up to debate the issue of "nature vs. nurture" but this still does not answer the "cause" of any situation.