Marketing Plan: WKAR – Essay Example

The paper "Marketing Plan: WKAR" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
The newscast market is quite competitive and for WKAR new TV venture to get on the course and command a respectable market and audience, not to mention catching up with the market leaders, a lot has to be done. The following ideas will stand us in good stead; Foremost, WKAR needs to come up with a unique programme that seeks to offer a bit of everything that all the other stations are offering. In so doing, they will come out as a favorite to market, since this would be a unique niche in the market with nobody else doing it. The new station should, therefore, come up with a very rich, action-packed, informative and engaging menu that will keep viewers glued to their screens and the competitors’ mouths wide open. Secondly, WKAR should come up with a unique brand name that has special a mantra that runs after like every time ten to fifteen minutes so as not only to establish brand loyalty but also make the new station popular.WKAR can also try going the social network way and invite people to like the ‘new kid on the block on offering something that has never been offered before.’
Finally, since WKAR is new in the market, it should employ both experienced and new top-notch news anchors and if possible poach some of the best anchors from the competitors. The poached experienced news anchors will assist in pulling the diehard viewers from the already established stations and since most of the time news is just news but the way it is presented is what makes all the difference. The new crop of anchors will also pull another special group of viewers who could have gotten tired of the same old faces. This unique combination will clearly work magic for the new station. This will go viral and within no time start drawing multitudes to watch the station. They should also bring newsflashes and updates like every hour and try to engage their audience very often, so as to create attachment and much-needed customer loyalty for the new station.