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The paper "Capstone" is an exceptional example of an essay on religion and theology. Learning about the different religions and belief systems of the world has influenced the ways that I view religion in the sense that I now no longer believe in the existence of the "one" true religion. Learning about these separate religious groups has allowed me to see that each group is correct in believing what they do, as it fits them and their purposes. Many people are born into their religions, as opposed to choosing one of their own, so any other religious path might be confusing or unbeneficial for them.

There are some aspects of one religion that could be out of place in a culture, rendering it pointless. One of the things that interested me during my research was how similar the majority of religions are. They are centred around one deity, usually the creator or founder of the religion, though they tend to also be considered the creator of humanity. There are prayers, rituals, and other methods, such as meditation, that allow believers to communicate with this deity, and there are important days that must be taken into observation.

The majority of all organized religions follow this same pattern; this goes back to the belief that there is only one real religion out there, which, in my opinion, simply cannot be as all religions are the same, though formatted and altered to fit the individual cultures needs. It is important to learn about the beliefs and attitudes of others because those are often the foundations of those people, the characteristics that define them not only as individuals but as a culture.

When a person is devoutly religious, it tends to be obvious in the ways that they think and behave; they usually practice what they preach. When understanding the different religions and beliefs, we are able to understand why people say or do certain things, or why they feel inclined to believe in something that others reject. I will utilize this information in the future by remembering it as I observe individuals and cultures. Many of them act upon what they believe, and those aspects can say a lot about a person and what makes them who they are, as individuals and as a culture united beneath a certain belief system.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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