Can Traffic Limitations Solve Traffic Problems – Essay Example

The paper "Can Traffic Limitations Solve Traffic Problems" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Major traffic problems include injuries from accidents and congestion, a factor that has far-reaching effects ranging from excessive fuel consumption, to time wasting and environmental pollution. In most cases, traffic issues are caused by negligence by the users. Hence, proper management of the users by use of stringent policies that limit their action will go a long way in mitigating most of the problems experienced in the transport industry. For instance, most road accidents are caused by mistakes done by road users. A number of people do not use the facilities provided to mitigate the effect of an accident if it occurred. For instance, use of seatbelts is of the essence since it mitigates the extent of injuries on people involved in an accident. Thus strict laws and heavy fines on those who violate this can lead to increased level of utilizing seatbelts, and consequently, lead to reduced injuries in case an accident occurred. The most seen malpractice among road users is the poor use of helmets more so on commercial motorbikes. In a number of instances, the passengers on a motorcycle do not use helmets hence increasing chances of head injury in case they were involved in an accident (Ayuso, Guillén, and Alcañiz, 710). Congestion is a thorn in most traffics systems in the world. In a number of instances, these snarl-ups occur due to the fact that people do not use the roads adequately. Thus controlled use of the facilities will definitely lead to a smooth flow hence easing the rates of congestion as experienced more so in the heavy traffic cities. Concisely, traffic limitation is the key to most traffic problems. This is true since most of the issues as seen, are because of human negligence or violation of the set policies that guide transport.