Can Technology Help Improve Student Learning – Essay Example

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IntroductionThere are many various aspects of the educational system – the teachers, the educational environment such as the society, the tools and or equipments used for educating, and of course the students or the learners itself (Bruner, 1996). All these aspects should go hand in hand in establishing an effective educational system, which would mean for a continuous increase in frequency of students’ continued development. Teachers, for instance, are an important factor to students’ learning (Bruner, 1996), especially those middle school teachers who’s been the starting point of the many firsts experiences that a learner could have, and the stepping-stones for the learners.

To be an effective educator, it is not enough that a teacher knows how to teach the subject tasked to him/her, but also the teacher must learn to keep and maintain the power of enhancing your students’ ability and skills through motivation. Another factor that will add up to a successful establishment of students’ development is the use of good and effective instructional designs (Bruner, 1996). The proponents of education must learn to accept that one learner is totally different from the other.

Hence, every educator must take into consideration the various personalities, upbringing and most especially cultural background of each and every learner. The use of different visual aids, and or instructional materials greatly affects the learners’ interests to learn. A good educational system should provide appropriate teaching materials and equipments, and a place conducive to learning so as to augment the students’ concentration to enjoy and continue learning. The visual aids and other teaching equipments vary, of course, to the age of the learners (“Robert Glaser: Contribution to Instructional Design”, 2004).

Hence, if a teacher are teaching in a middle school, teachers should have materials that are not too “kiddie” in nature (like the coloring books) nor too “adult” (like those of laboratory machines). The very area where the school or the classroom is located should be that which would promote learning, and not that of sleeping or making noises. And to this very aspect where the interference of the society could comes in. All the members of the society could help in maintaining an educational institution that foster camaraderie and lifelong learning for the student.

On the other hand, the students themselves play a very crucial role in their own successful learning (Bruner, 1996). They must be optimistic in every learning endeavor that they will undergo in their everyday life. They must learn how to be open-minded and understand (not only accept) what knowledge is being offered to them. Lastly, they, themselves, must have the initiative and the willingness to learn. Indeed, the success initiating student’s continued development lies in many factors. It is not solely dependent on the students’ intellect but on the way the educators or the teachers facilitate the learning.

In lieu of this all, a lot of changes have been going on in the education sector so as to augment the methods of which teachers facilitate the learning. The most recent development is the inclusion of technology-based instructional materials in day-to-day school activities of the students.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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