Ethical Decision-Making and Organizational Behavior – Essay Example

The paper "Ethical Decision-Making and Organizational Behavior" is an excellent example of a business essay.
Ethical decision-making comes into play when there is no right or wrong decision to make. It is done by employing other ethics such as obedience, care, reason involving intelligence and moral values. Organizational behavior is based on what employees do and the impact on the organizational mission. Ethical decision-making is a critical issue in every organization. That is why practitioners and patients across the globe are responsible for reasonable accommodations and treatment that they get in a given facility. This paper reviews the ethical decision making and organizational behaviors in the society.
In most cases, ethical decision making is used where conflicts of rights and duties exist in the society. This calls for immediate action that can save the situation at once. A perfect example is evident through a 69-year-old man who had a skin predicament and was admitted to hospitals. Handling the patient meant that the medical professionals were to make decisions including his admission and medication (White, 2005).
The cost and resources that the patient was using continued to escalate over time. The ethical dilemma was whether to spend recourses on one patient that could be beneficial to many others or not.
This prompted the staff to seek a solution by consulting the colleagues on the limits of cost in treating a single patient. After doing group discussions, they came up with a solution to continue giving treatment to the patient. This decision was best at that time but there were no changes in the patient’s health.
Basing on the medical staff mission, I would say the decision to provide continuous treatment was taken effectively. This means they had to do anything possible to save the life of the patient without considering the costs. It was also efficient since it was an ethical decision. They reasoned out, cared for the patient, used diligence and empathy despite the high costs of treatment.