Oral Communication: Skills, Choices, and Consequences – Essay Example

The paper "Oral Communication: Skills, Choices, and Consequences" is an outstanding example of a humanitarian essay. The message transferred through oral communication regimes informs the recipient of the message, persuades him to take a decision and lastly entertains and makes him react towards the oral message that has been sent his way. A business scenario that is applicable under the oral communication tenets is one when a boss arranges a meeting in which there are a sizable number of employees present. The boss tells them that the company will downsize shortly and some of the employees would have to be terminated from their jobs. This would create a sense of disbelief and agony within the employees knowing that their jobs would be taken away and they would be left on the mercy of the company to decide whether it wants to have them or not. The oral communication message would be informing the employees through the mouth of the boss, persuading the employees to think positively or negatively and lastly asking them to react about the whole downsizing business. (Young, 2007) Thus oral communication is that form of communication which is spoken of from the mouth or delivered in a non-documented format. Unlike written communication, oral communication is short term and short lived. The essence of oral communication is only received by the people who hear the oral message and then react towards the consequences which could take place in the coming times. Oral communication is interesting to understand because it deals with the oral form of delivery and does not actually link up with documentation processes and mechanisms.