Ethics and Plagiarism – Essay Example

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The paper "Ethics and Plagiarism " is a brilliant example of an essay on social science. Sara would be doing something very unethical and as ethics do not allow one to discredit from one’ s work, I, for one would disallow her as well as the other group members from doing such a thing. I would tell the team members that this is something much uncalled for and we must not plagiarize or discredit the author’ s work as our own. I would also ask Sarah to stop thinking on these lines and request her to get her act cleaned up.

This would make the team members realize that the unethical means of doing things through a mere shortcut is unacceptable and very wrong in the sheerest sense of the word. Perhaps Sarah needs to be told that she is involving others in her unethical acts and this is an aspect which must be discouraged right from the very onset. Since Sarah wants to take a number of paragraphs from the article mentioned, one wise thing that could be done is to use the text and then give the author the proper credit that he deserves.

This could also be done through penning down that we, as a team has adapted these paragraphs from a source and thus we would like to credit the author for his work. (Crace, 2005) This would make us do things in a very ethical and correct way. It is our moral obligation not to steal someone’ s work and thus when we give the credit where it is due, then one ought to believe that we have done our duty in the most righteous manner that there could be.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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