Building Construction for Fire Protection – Essay Example

The paper “Building Construction for Fire Protection” is an outstanding example of an essay on engineering&construction. Light wood truss assemblies are structural designs that make up the framework of a building, either in the shape of a triangle, such as a roof or in the shape of a rectangle, such the floor work. It is important to note that truss assemblies are built to provide support for a normal or expected load or stress. Usually, this load is predetermined by the kind of settlement that will be present on the floor. However, it is imperative to know that in the case of an emergency or accident, such as fire, the influx of people who will all rush for the exits will put much more load on the assembly.
Also, in lieu of this situation, even though there are many fire-resistant materials that are commercially available which can be installed in the building, steel plates that connect these trusses are still susceptible to the pressure of heat and temperature. There is a threshold for the bending and misalignment of these plates which will eventually lead to tensile forces tearing the truss apart.
Finally, the natural degradation of lightwood truss due to moisture or pests which breaks down its consistency is an essential factor to consider in assessing the risk factor in truss systems. Of course, the mass and density, or perhaps even the quality of the wood used in the construction will surely affect the endurance of the truss under stressful conditions. Keeping all of these factors in mind, it this particular analysis, it is important to remember that any collapse is not the sole function of fire burning the truss; instead it is a combination of fire, heavy structural load and, possibly, water that may have collected in the truss (Grundahl, 1992).