Nonprofit Organization Dry Life – Essay Example

The paper "Nonprofit Organization Dry Life" is an excellent example of an essay on social science. Dry life is a nonprofit organization, shining to achieve the following goals for the betterment of the society we live in. The Dry life anti-alcohol and drug propaganda to support an environment, within the community, which does not encourage any kind of temptations. These events aim to raise the awareness of drug and alcohol abuse in the community and will comprise discussions on the effects drug and alcohol abuse has on individuals, families and the community as a whole. The Dry Life invites people to our events who are currently in or have in alcohol and drug recovery. We also encourage them to share their stories of how quitting drinking has changed their lives. Be a donor and contribute to this noble cause. The Dry Life intends to implement a program to assist drunken individuals who and need a safe drive home. The program is in the developmental phase but we anticipate either securing volunteers who will agree to serve as sober drivers or make arrangements with the area transportation companies to provide the services. The Dry Life will network with outlets that serve alcohol to make them aware of our program so they can contact us in times of need. Besides, we also solicit donations from citizens so that we can provide better services to this need. The Dry Life will also conduct seminars in high schools about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and their negative impacts fail to recognize the dangers of addiction and we will strive to educate them on this aspect. We also want to make up youth understand that severe consequences, including death, can entail even if they only tried drugs and/or alcohol once. These programs will make students desist from drug and alcohol abuse. Everyone is encouraged to contribute either by physical involvement or monetary contribution so we can make our endeavor a grand success. In the future, we plan to provide assistance to individuals for rehabilitation services or medication. The costs towards this can be too much for many people to afford. Often, their insurance only covers a portion of the costs. The Dry Life will assist such individuals in paying for necessary care to help them overcome their addictive behavior. We implore all citizens in the community to recognize the significance of this issue and support as both through physical involvement as well as financial aid so that we can, together, improve our society and groom up responsible individuals with positive attitudes.