The Choices that the Protagonist in the Guest Makes and Speculate on Why He Makes – Essay Example

The paper "The Choices that the Protagonist in the Guest Makes and Speculate on Why He Makes" is an excellent example of a literature essay. To make choices is very difficult as to make a critical decision. The most popular choices are not always the right one for many. Choices are guided by moral reasoning, personal convictions or social conditioning. Albert Camus’ “The Guest” depicts how the protagonist makes choices. His choices show that his ideologies are distinct from the other characters. His dealings with the police officer depict his respect for him, but he will not compromise his conscience for that. Daru, the protagonist of “ The Guest” works as a schoolmaster and lives in a schoolroom in a remote area separated from all the nearby villages and standing isolated on a vast desert. It can be inferred that Daru has chosen to stay away from the civilized world doing his bit of service to the village kids, to whom education is otherwise not reachable. This choice may convey the idea that Daru wants to be independent not bound by any rules but only by nature. When Balducci and the Arab convict arrive at his school room, Daru is puzzled. He is blunt to the police officer when he is just ordered to keep the prisoner with him for that night and to take him to Tinguit. Balducci reasons out that there may be an Algerian uprising. Though Daru is made to keep the Arab with him, he wishes that he flees. He also chooses not to get involved in handing over the Arab to the police. Rather, he leaves the choice to the Arab himself to choose between his freedom or arrest and punishment. Though Balducci is an acquaintance, Daru is rude to him when he tries to order him. He speaks back stubbornly and is firm that he is not taking the Arab in. But, he is made to take him and sign papers for proof. It may be his respect for Balducci that makes him oblige, though Daru says that he is not bound by any such rules. However, he feels bad about his behavior later.