The Trump Organization Management – Essay Example

The paper "The Trump Organization Management " is an outstanding example of an essay on management. The Trump Organization is not well positioned for future success. Based on my SWOT analysis, I think the organization’s weaknesses are about to pose some greater degree of damage when they are not addressed. These weaknesses are I think the most crucial for an organization if it aims to become a strategic player in the market. These two weaknesses, the Marketing and Sales, and Human Resource Management are the people functions of the organization, which a business is all about; or at least something that determines the success of a business. Without proper systems for these two functions, as the market becomes more and more sophisticated, the company will have a harder time to compete. During these days where the global crisis poses a lot of threats and markets become more and more competitive, one way for companies to compete is to become more strategic. Being strategic means making a part of the market the company’s objective, then creating a strategy in order to fulfill that objective. To be strategic is to start with marketing—customers then support it with the human resource function, where the focus on customers will be reflected in employees’ actions and relations towards them. The deals as regards the acquisition of the properties of the Trump Organization is done by Mr. Donald Trump himself. Because negotiation is crucial in the real estate business, Mr. Trump himself definitely plays a good part in the organization’s operations. However, a system of individuals that handles the marketing and sales function is way better than a single individual. This lessens the organization’s dependence on the individual, and makes the organization more institutionalized, and can compete better for a longer time. The Trump Organization is also dependent on the public persona of Mr. Trump. This is a disadvantage to the organization, where the public’s perception of the brand is dependent on the public actions of the individuals. A better way to capitalize on the Trump brand is to make the brand stand by itself. Effective brand management is crucial, by crafting the brand strategy—values, the personality of the brand, benefits offered through a unique selling proposition—and communicating that brand strategy through an integrated marketing communications plan will define the Trump brand, as a stand-alone, but not totally separated brand from Mr. Donald Trump himself. When the company has defined its brand strategy, it can use it as a starting point for its human resource management strategy, as well as the strategy for the other functions. With the organization defining how to it wants to be perceived, it could attract people who will fit the culture that reflects what the company stands for. Instead of being focused on the company’s inside-out (production) competitive advantage, focusing on the outside-in competitive advantage of the organization will increase its chances for success in the market, even though the harder times.

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