Brazil and Its Population – Essay Example

The paper "Brazil and Its Population" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Brazil is the largest in South America. In addition to this, Brazil is also known to be that biggest country in Latin America. It has an official name as the federal republic of Brazil. It has an estimated area of 8.5 square miles. This is a big land size. Its capital is at Sao has a coastline of approximately 7491 kilometres that border the Atlantic ocean to the east side. It is one of the nations that have diverse cultural and ethnic compositions in the world. Its official language is Portuguese. This makes to be different from the other states in South America, which do not speak the Portuguese language. This is due to the fact that many people migrated to this country during colonial times and formed a majority of this population. It was inhabited by other tribal countries before the Portuguese empire set in this land. Moreover, Brazil has the largest GDP in the whole world constituted by both nominal and PPP indicators. This is the statistic as of the year 2017. Its main economic activity is growing in coffee. It is categorized as the upper middle-income country. This was revealed by the World Bank data as per the survey conducted in the year 2017.
This has made the country to emerge as a newly developed nation in terms of industrialization, with regard to the other South American nations.
The current population of Brazil 211.2 million as seen in the statistics collected by the United Nations. The median age is about thirty-two years. Urban population constitute around 85 per cent of the whole population. The current population pyramid of Brazil reveals the following data as far as various age groups and population distributions are concerned. From the age of 0-14 years, there are almost nine million people who are males. However, the number of females is 7.5 million. This is the children population. For the age bracket of fifteen to nineteen years, this is about 10 million people for the male population. The number of old people from the age of 75-79 years is around 2 million for the male composition while the female population is about 1.9 million. From the overall assessment of the data, there is no much disparity if the distribution of the population based on gender. There is a slight variation in ten numbers.
The population of Brazil is expected to change rapidly by the end of 2020. This is according to trading economics. It is going to be approximately 208.9 million people as of the end of the last quarter of this period. The population might reduce by the end of 2022, because of the use of the contraceptives by most women in this nation. This is because of the composition of the Catholics.
However, from the econometric models, the population is expected to shoot up to 212 million by 2020. The fertility rate as well as reducing, which implies a lower rate than the rate of replacement in the year 2006.

The graph shows the population pyramid as of 2017.
This graph shows the population pyramid that is expected by the end of the year 2020.