Instant Messaging – Essay Example

The paper "Instant Messaging" is a perfect example of a business essay.
Instant messaging (IM) is a type of electronic communication which offers text transmission in real-time across a network communication. In the past few years, instant messaging has been popular with only home users. However, instant messaging has proved to be more effective and faster than other means of communication like emails, and this has introduced its use in the workplace. Businesses have adopted instant messaging for professional use such as communicating with the suppliers, offering customer support, coordinating projects and executing other management roles.
Businesses that hope to retain young people in their businesses have adopted instant messaging since it is most popular with the young people. It has also made working easier for individuals in the workplace. For example, individuals can communicate with their associates instantly in order to coordinate their responses to customers without keeping the customer on hold. Issues that require immediate attention can also be communicated with ease.
However, using instant messaging is limited since it lacks the required level of formality and professionalism. It means that it is best for only informal communication to a specific audience, and the user has to go back to other means of communications as memos, letters, and emails when handling more formal issues. Instant messaging is also not suitable when handling conflicts since it is difficult to show personal feelings in writing.
In conclusion, using instant messaging is effective but only when having an informal brief conversation with a trusted colleague or customer. The users should also be careful not to get drowned into chatting and waste valuable work time. They should also ensure that they save all conversations related to business for future reference.