Blood Transfusion Organization – Essay Example

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The paper "Blood Transfusion Organization" is a worthy example of an essay on health sciences& medicine.   Blood transfusion organization is very important in the world. This is because it has become hard for a patient to get treatment without blood. The shortages of blood emerge as a result of various causes. Some patients lose blood while undergoing treatment like surgery. Some get infected with viruses that digest blood cells in the body. The programs help to serve the blood needs in areas like children and patients of cancer, cardiovascular, trauma or transplant, among others.

In this regard, blood transfusion centers entirely rely on the donors.   Blood bank comprises the quantity and quality of blood present in the store. It is worth noting that not all the blood donated is received by every patient. Some could be infected while other groups could be incompatible. The donors have to be depended upon, therefore, to ensure that the probability of getting blood type required by the patient is high. In Carolina, for instance, most of the patients getting to the hospitals have an insufficient blood supply.

During surgery, patients lose blood from their bodies hence they need a blood transfusion. Some children get anemic due to some illnesses. Before they are treated, they need blood. Now a question that remains is if the blood is readily available to be transfused into the child. Accidents occurring all over render people lifeless due to excessive bleeding. Attempts to save the remnants remain a big deal when the doctors lack the blood required. Blood exists in various groups and blood has to be screened for compatibility and infections. A person with blood group B+ cannot receive blood group B, because of variation in the Rhesus factor.

There will be agglutination of red blood cells if this is done. It means then that the donor has to have the blood with the same Rhesus factor. But the blood transfusion department may receive very many donors of different blood groups from the one in the patient.   I conclude by saying that I agree with Martin Gable that the future of the Community Blood Centers of the Carolinas is in donor development because without their initiative and offer the blood transfusion will have no business due to increasing need for blood.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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