Steroids Abuse – Essay Example

The paper "Steroids Abuse" is an outstanding example of a biology essay.
There are multiple negative effects that result from the usage of steroids. Abuse of steroids most commonly creates the following problems. High blood pressure becomes common which in turn, creates an enlargement of the heart. Cholesterol levels often increase as well. The arteries tend to harden which causes atherosclerosis along with multiple heart tremors. Visible acne often occurs. Reproductive systems are affected as well. Within males, there tends to be a decrease in libido. The production of testosterone may diminish which may produce testicular atrophy. In females, steroids cause the opposite effect with an increase in testosterone. This may create male features including smaller breasts and a deeper voice (
For the experiment, I would have three people who have a past history of clear skin. One person would receive a shot of steroids, another would not receive anything, and the third person would receive a placebo. I would hypothesize that the person who received a dosage of the steroids would break out on their skin within a couple of days due to the negative effect that steroids have on hormones that affect the clarity of skin. The independent variable would be the amount of steroids injected. The dependent variable would be the clarity of the skin (which is affected by the hormones that change because of the steroids). The clarity of the skin would be the respondent or the dependent variable since it would depend on the casual or independent variable which is the amount of steroids. Ultimately, I would safely predict that the person injected with steroids would break out on their skin. The others who received no steroids or a placebo would most likely maintain their clear skin.