Alcoholics Anonymous in Bills Story – Essay Example

The paper "Alcoholics Anonymous in Bill’s Story" is a delightful example of an essay on sociology. The first story in the big book under the “Bill’s Story” is perhaps the one which has the most impact since it shows how AA was founded and that the people who started AA had to battle with addiction themselves. Bill’s own tale shows that he had made a life for himself and was on his way towards being a success when alcohol destroyed him, his family and his life but he could do little to stop on his own. These experiences may be shared by quite a few addicts but the story also offers strength since it defines and explains Bill’s journey from being an alcoholic to being sober and getting back on track to the point that he was able to help many others recover from their condition. More importantly, the story offers hope in the shape of recognizing that many successful people have had trouble with alcohol addiction and have managed to recover from it once they have recognized the problem and taken the steps to deal with it. Addiction is easy to recognize but it seems that it is difficult to take the steps required to break free from it. However, the support of friends, family and close associates gives hope and that hope is what is needed to conquer all fears and doubts.