Bias In Performance Appraisal – Essay Example

The paper "Bias In Performance Appraisal" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources. Human resource management is an important aspect of an organization. This is why managers should be qualified so as to perform their duties without favoritism. Owing to the high rates of unemployment in the modern world, human resource managers are faced with the enticement to carry out their duties with some level of bias (Reilly, Minnick and Baack 5). The major problem facing performance appraisal initiatives is supervisory bias when making a judgment. There are various sources of employee bias. For example, in employee development appraisals there are a number of issues that occur. First, employee appraisals are an annual affair and each employee gets approximately thirty minutes to prove themselves. This time is inadequate and putting a low score once a year will only demoralize them employee and bring a conflict to the appraisal system (Reilly, Minnick and Baack 35). Employees are evaluated based on a number of benchmarks including knowledge, skill, accuracy, and completeness of work. These measures are highly subjective and this explains why it is important to take into account the disparity between ranking and rating.  Despite the fact that supervisory ratings are of great value companies opt for added peer appraisals to supplement those that are given by the supervisor. As expected, peers and supervisors have varying perspectives on individual’s performance (Reilly, Minnick and Baack 43). This is because supervisors have more information about the performance outcomes and job requirements (Reilly, Minnick and Baack 45). Conversely, peers are more likely to have a more realistic outlook since employees act differently in the presence of the boss. Therefore, using peer ratings helps us to develop a compromise with regards to individual performance. It may help to eradicate bias and result in improved employee acceptance of the appraisal programs.