Indicators of Possible Building Collapse – Essay Example

The paper “Indicators of Possible Building Collapse” is an outstanding example of an essay on engineering and construction.
When a building is going to collapse, there are many indicators that indicate the possibility of building collapse. The buildings may collapse because of fire outbreak, explosion, heavy rain, floods or any other natural or artificial happening. In such kinds of situations, the lives of people who are resided in a building are endangered and there is a time requirement of leaving the building at once in order to safeguard any life loss. For example, when a building is on fire and the fire is not controlled in time, the building can collapse because of the damage caused by the fire outbreak.
The indicators of possible building collapse can be cracks in the walls and ceilings, cracking sounds coming from various parts of the building, misplaced doors and windows and leakage of gases or liquids from various places of the building (Dunn, 1988). All these indicators are clear signs that the building is going to collapse and by noticing these indicators, the insiders should escape the building as soon as they can in order to secure their lives.
The cracks in a building indicate towards the fact that the building lacks its stability and strength and has reached a point at which, it is quite vulnerable. Similarly, the cracking sounds also indicate towards the possible building collapse as they are the sounds of breaking of various parts of the building, which can at last collapse the whole building. The broken and misplaced doors and windows also point towards the instability and hazardous situation of the building. At last, the leakage of gases and liquids also indicate towards the possible building collapse as they point towards the fact that the building has cracked at various places and there can be further damage because of such leakages. All these indicators should be given utmost attention in order to keep one secure.