Hazards Associated with Ordinary Construction – Essay Example

The paper “Hazards Associated with Ordinary Construction” is an outstanding example of an essay on engineering and construction.
The buildings that are constructed without safety measures regarding any risky situation face a number of hazardous situations. Such situations include fire outbreak and death of people because of the absence of safety escape passages in a building. While constructing a building, the constructors are required to give special attention to the hazards that can occur accidentally because of the absence of security precautions.
The buildings with ordinary constructions can face a hazardous situation if there is a fire outbreak. Because of the absence of firestops and other required equipment and safety measures, the fire can spread rapidly and can become a cause for massive destructive. The ordinary constructions lack the necessary controlling measures that are installed in specific constructions for controlling any risky situation. The designing and construction of a building are very important in terms of its being protected from the outbreak of fire. In case of a good structure, the building will offer lesser chances of damage to people present in it while in the opposite case, people’s lives will be endangered because of their presence in that building (Shields and Silcock, 1987). Fire safety is the most important aspect that should be considered while constructing a building. The probable risks and hazards regarding the fire outbreak in a workplace as well as in a residential area should be identified completely.
Because of the absence of safety escape passages, the lives of people in a building can be endangered. While designing a commercial or residential building, there should be well-established and full-fledged means of escape for fire safety. These hazards should be considered before constructing a building. Therefore, it is clear that ordinary constructions are more at risk in case of any hazardous situation.