Behavior Modification Program - Physical Activity and Rejection of Fast Food - to Become Healthier, Smarter and Happier – Essay Example

The Journey to a Healthier Me of School The Journey to a Healthier Me People can choose to be healthy and I choose the same. People, from all walks of life are not deprived of health, in the sense that all of them can choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Health is not expensive and everyone can afford it. Yet, healthy people have developed good habits and these good habits require behavioral modification. Similarly, healthy people are happy. They are less prone to depression and they are smart in finding solutions to problems. In addition, Rimer (2011) reported that happiness is believed to reduce diseases like heart failures and other deadly illnesses suffered by many people today. With this in mind, I took a behavior modification program to become healthier than I was. This paper will briefly explains the actions that I have had taken that turn into something positive – a healthier me.
Fast foods are offering delicious and affordable menus that are hard to resist. Soda and ice cream are tempting every time I open the fridge for a jar of water. I hate doing exercise because I am preoccupied with my social media presence and evening activities exhausted my energy for physical exercise. These things challenged my health. To that end, I planned to walk every day for half an hour, drink two bottles of water daily and walk to school every morning. Similarly, I also promised myself to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and regulate soda intake to one bottle of soda every two weeks.
Taking Actions As Planned
Consequently, I have started walking half an hour within the university campus during my vacant schedules. I bought a jar measuring one liter, and had started drinking one liter in the morning and another liter in the afternoon. All in all, I must drink eight glasses of water every day. As a good result, I craved less for soda, in fact – I only had two bottles of soda in a month. What is more, to motivate myself to walk – I bought a piggy bank and a new alarm clock. I have started waking up early and walking my way to school at 7:30 in the morning. I have also started saving the money for my transportation allowance into my piggy bank. Moreover, instead of going to the nearby fast-food restaurant, I have started bringing fruits and vegetable salads as my snacks and I had have enjoyed eating lots of fruits and vegetables since then.
Motivating myself to stick into the plan. The decision to choose a healthy lifestyle is a hard decision at times especially that I had the addiction of fast foods and soda. Notwithstanding, acquainting with people who are pushing themselves with the right direction – being healthy and following a healthy lifestyle similar to mine deepen my interest to stay fit and healthy. More so, reading health magazines and journals motivate me to work hard on my behavior modification project.
Results and Conclusion
At the first two weeks, I still had the craving for soda and I was tempted to drink 3 bottles of carbonated water at that period. At the same time, my whole body ached when I walk my way to school for the first two weeks. However, as I tried hard to stick with the action plan, it gradually became manageable and controllable. I tried short and long bouts walking and I feel comfortable doing it than the past two months. I feel that my legs are stronger now. Above all, within the past two months, I have felt something different – something awesome – I am livelier, happier and smarter. It is a different me – it is a healthier me now.
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