Beaux Arts as an Architectural Concept – Essay Example

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The paper "Beaux Arts as an Architectural Concept" is an outstanding example of an essay on architecture. Beaux Arts is a technological concept introduced in architecture to enhance the decoration in structures. Beaux Arts decorator is an innovation that has a long history of improving architecture and has been adopted in many countries worldwide. Beaux Arts technologies were originally conceived in Paris France, and the city also houses the main training institute on the use and application of this architectural designing style to new buildings. Upon the completion of try training, the institute offers competition, through an examination, where all the learners involve themselves in a study to test their skills and compete for the best.

Training on this style makes one a great architect. The method employs several decorations from the origin of both France and Italy. This paper analyses the Beaux Arts, while identifying the impacts the style has introduced to the architectural industry and also giving the differences in its development from the 19th century to the 21st and the current century. It argues that beaux artwork is among the best architectural styles, and one would be justified to apply the artwork style in any building design. Beaux Arts Beaux Arts decoration has been used all over the world to construct prestigious buildings while decorating the already existing ones.

The style has been used in some of the major structures recognized in the world, such as the Queen’ s Palace in Birmingham, the United Kingdom, the White House in Washington DC and the King's Palace in Saudi Arabia. The idea is to make the style useful and impactful in modern-day architecture. The use of Beaux Arts styles in decorating the already existing buildings and newly constructed buildings makes the style the only concept that the design lacked.

With this style being used in almost all the architectural designing in most parts of the world, the Paris-based training institute for the Beaux Arts can boast of its principal progress in impacting the construction and architectures in the world. Beaux Arts applies the use of decorative styles, the main ones of use being the baroque and the rococo from France and Italy respectively.

Ever since the inception of the style in the world, these two have been used in conjunction with other methods to impact on the eyesight of the most prestigious buildings constructed all over the world. The styles also introduce the concept of drawings in architecture. The aim of these techniques is to improve the beautiful nature of the building and make the design more marketable and presentable. Drawings in architecture through the Beaux Arts enhance the presentation and are used in conjunction with the program, with its specifications making many stakeholders in the industry acknowledge the design.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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