Basics of a Computer System – Essay Example

The paper "Basics of a Computer System" is a good example of an essay on information technology. A typical home-based computer system has a Central Processing Unit (CPU), a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, etc. The CPU is the brain of a computer which does all the computation works inside based on the inputs provided through the keyboard or mouse and will display the results on the output through the output devices such as the monitor or printer. The input (keyboard, mouse) and output (monitor, printer) devices of a computer are called computer peripherals. Audio devices such as speakers, microphone, the game device such as the joystick, TV tuners, CD/DVD drives etc are some other optional components of a personal computer system. For accessing the internet, internal or external modems are used. The CPU has a hard disk which stores all the information. Apart from hard disk, external storage devices such as floppy, CD/DVD, ZIP, Pen drive memory stick etc are most commonly used. Most of the home based systems are standalone systems while the office-based systems are connected through a network in order to share the information between the systems. My computer is a standalone system which is being used at my home. I am using a cable modem for accessing the internet through a broadband connection. I have a password protected user account through which I am accessing the computer. My dad and other brothers also have similar user accounts. The modern features such as pen stick, which is similar to a pen because of the appearance, to store big data files is a big help for students like us. It is very easy to use as it is a plug and play device operated through the USB port of the system. As a student, study materials of big size can be copied from another system to install in my system using the pen drive memory stick. “USB Flash Drives have become an indispensable part of the day-to-day workflow, whether in class or at home, at the office or on the move, it has made transferring large amounts of data a simple and efficient process. Documents, presentations and any other form of data can be stored on a USB Flash Drives, and has proved a far more effective way of transferring data than burning CDs, and superseded old floppy disks” (USB Flash Drives)