Bacteria, Viruses, and Health – Essay Example

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The paper "Bacteria, Viruses, and Health" is an outstanding example of a biology essay. The drug resistance b bacteria are a natural process that occurs when a patient use antimicrobial for any infection. The microbes are forced to die or adapt; notably, the microbes that survive carries the resistance genes that are passed from one person to another (Chan, 2011 ). Inherently, human behaviors such as flawed assumptions and faulty practices increase the resistance rate of the bacteria. On the other hand, policy failures and human practices amplify the continued resistance of bacteria.

In essence, the world has failed to provide appropriate care for these cures. Arguably, bacterial resistance to diseases such as malaria is high owing to the single type of artemisinin-based therapies. According to Chan (2011 ), bacterial resistance can be reduced by developing the rational and appropriate use of antimicrobial. These irrational behaviors include overuse, improper, and unprofessional dispensing of drugs to patients. The pharmacists are blamed for yielding to the demands of the patients while others for profitable reasons. Moreover, the underuse of the drugs by the patients increases the risk of bacterial resistance to drugs (Chan, 2011 ).

Complete consumption of the drugs will kill all the pathogens in the body. Hence, patients should avoid using drugs as soon as they start t feel better. In addition, misuse of the drug such as using a drug for the wrong disease. The proper diagnostic test needs to be carried out before a drug is given to the patient. Moreover, governments should ensure that substandard drugs are kept from away circulation. Chan (2011) asserts that the increased use of an antimicrobial in food production increases the risk of bacterial resistance; additionally, there is a disincentive to limit the use of antimicrobial by veterinary.

Therefore, the disaster can be averted by increasing surveillance, regulatory and supply of the drug (Chan, 2011 ). In essence, improved use of drugs for animal and human health is critical.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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