Building Life from Star-Stuff – Essay Example

The paper "Building Life from Star-Stuff" is a perfect example of an astronomy essay. The question, from where comes and where we go has started to confuse the human kind even from the beginning of the human history itself. Even though religions have answers to the above questions, scientists who accept things based on scientific facts alone were not satisfied by the religious principles of human evolution on earth. In Carl Sagan’s (Former famous American astronomer) opinion, everything we see around us has come from stars. His argument was based on the fact that all the stars and our body have some common basic elements like hydrogen and helium. “Life on Earth was made possible by the death of stars. Atoms like carbon and oxygen were expelled in the last few dying gasps of stars after their final supplies of hydrogen fuel were used up” (Building Life from Star-Stuff) Hydrogen clouds were the fundamental element block of all the stars which then combine to form different elements as a result of the extremely hot conditions and other stellar reactions. The reason for the immense energy liberation from stars is because of the combination of hydrogen atoms to form helium molecules (Nuclear fusion). We all know that we have life energy, but we don’t know the exact source of that energy. Carbon, the basic element of all the organic molecules along with other elements is liberated out from dying stars. Moreover, all the elements present in our body and in our earth is there in stars also. In short, nothing on earth seems to be different from that on stars which prompted Carl Segan to argue that we are all star stuff.